Paul David Redfern

Critics about my works published on one of the first italian newspapers about old timer auto art.

Ruote classiche n 362, (ED Editoriale Domus) - February 2019

"My art drowned in a texture"

Born in Leominster, Massachusetts in 1958, Paul David Redfern has lived and worked for some time in Italy (in Gorizia), where in 2014 he was awarded the title of Knight of the Republic for artistic merits. His passion for classic cars - he is a happy owner of two historic Fiat 500''s - led him, in 1994, to develop an evocative artistic project called "Photomorfosi". He talking about it himself: "They are digital photomanipulations, in short, I make my works with only three tools: an iMac, a digital camera and Photoshop." What actually makes his creations particularly suggestive is the massive use of the so-called graphic textures, which suggest the illusion that the subject is painted on a real surface, such as wood, tin or stone, instead of on the computer . "The observer" explains to us, "can easily imagine that what he sees is a real object, rather than a digital image represented by a sequence of bits". To further characterize his "paintings", always in lead colors and with a wide use of the rust effect, there are hidden figures in the composition that require careful and prolonged observation between games of overlapping and transparencies to be identified. Try to find them! A way to invite the viewer to enter the world of the artist. But above all an original form of understanding digital processing, which normally plays everything on immediacy and impact. His subjects are icons from the thirties onwards, sporty but also utilitarian notes, contextualized with contemporary graphic and advertising elements to the subject.

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