Gerhard Katterbauer

Biography and Statement

"3d Renderings"

Born 1954 in Linz, Austria lives and works in Vienna, study ceramic at the college of arts in Graz study of the sculpture with professor Wotruba at the academy of the forming arts in Vienna interest on "machine art", mechanics and art argument with "plotter drawings" generation of "computer collages" development of the "light painting plotter", creating of "turning and light sculptures" mixture of photos and 3D-genereted objects extension of the computer collages under the argument "real or not real?"

96 "art in the bank lane" gw section journalists, Vienna
03 "fantastico realismo" galleria mignanelli, Rome, Italy
04 "fantastico realismo" galleria granarone, Calcata, Italy
04 "computer art" gallery doelen dertig, Netherlands
05 "moca" museum of computer art, New York
05 "biennale internazionale dell arte contemporanea", Firenze (award in the category " new media" )
06 "the computer as 21st century canvas", Wisconsin, USA

"We are confronted daily by countless visual stimulations, which force us to select among quantities of 'image-informations'.

The essential point in my artistic work is to show a ‘moment’ of a very intensive glance that focuses on details.
Through the combination of real pictures and computerized objects, new images are created.
This way, the onlooker is confronted with two ‘image-worlds’ that eventually become one.
At first sight everything looks clear and obvious.
At a closer look , trying to understand better, the onlooker starts to reflect about his own perceptions.
His visual habits, when looking at things, are confronted with new dimensions."

Gerhard Katterbauer's AutoGallery 2022 exhibit