Jesse Schifano

Artist's Statement

I am fascinated by the interplay of repetition, shape and pattern. Much of my artwork explores unexpected combinations of these elements. I wondered what a non-repeating pattern might look like. To answer this, I conceived of this project, Iterāns (which means to repeat).

I started by sketching a few squares, circles and lines grouped within different structures. I then choose the Processing programming language to generate the design and subsequent creation of each pattern.

Each piece is based on a simple repeating grid which can be subdivided into smaller subgrids. I am able to embed any combination of shapes and color within these subgrids. Some pieces are very simple and geometric consisting of just a few lines or circles arranged across my default grid. Other pieces become a swirling maelstrom of shapes and colors that veil the underlying geometry and grid structure entirely.

Jesse Schifano's AutoGallery 2021 exhibit

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