Sheila Smith

These twelve image are from Sheila Smith's Garbage series. All images are digital transformations of photos taken through plastic bags looking down into waste disposal baskets on the sidewalks of New York.

Sheila Smith writes:

"My first camera was a Brownie box camera. The now yellowed photos taken with that camera show a thirteen year old's desire to record a moment on film.

"Fast forward to the sixties when I was a secretary to the creative director of Columbia Records. My boss gave me the responsibility to review photographers' portfolios and select the best for potential assignments.

"I was exposed to the great photographers of that era: Gary Winogrand, Lee Friedlander and Gordon Parks to name a few. It was inspiring. I went on to study advertising concept and design at The School of Visual Arts and ultimately became an Art Director. During those years I continued to work with top photographers, including Richard Avedon. My first camera as an adult was a used 35mm Pentax. I took a few courses in photography at the New School and began to shoot whatever interested me. At the same time I had a passion to paint so I enrolled at the Art Students League to take drawing and painting classes.

I enjoy photographing a multitude of subjects which categorizes me as a 'generalist'.

My portfolio includes portraits of people, New York City streets, European cities, flower portraits, fruit and vegetable still lifes, tango dancers and children.

Taking the photograph is the first step. Transferring the images onto my computer screen (which is the new darkroom) and enhancing them in Photoshop is the ultimate creative experience."

Since 1981 Sheila Smith's art has been shown internationally over the years in many museums and galleries. She is one of the world's foremost artists and photographers.

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