Ted Shado

2020-11-18 Artist’s Statement

I am a visual recorder of all that I (and hopefully my species) have imagined.  I am trying to depict things you can’t understand but are enticed into. The difficulty level is high but very rewarding. I believe this to be the finest acceptance of role in life.  I am intrigued by the image the mind creates without obvious representation of life but with the ability to create a world existing in space, hither to unforeseen. My work has taken me to a profound form of communication in the form of subconscious directness toward reality. Biomorphic and geometric forms allow a non-recognizable reality to arise while colors are used to map out a definite zone of spatial occupation. Feelings translated through the digital pixel its speed and simplicity has humbled my insights and created profound  images much more significant than any paint or graphite ever could. Training and experience has directed my work in a spontaneous manner, conspicuously similar to dance or free form jazz music or singing. Described as the abstract or symbolic. My work embodies itself and its ideas. I have chosen the abstract image for two reasons: with the invention of the camera and all it derivations, hand reproduction of reality alone is a futile waste of time, the imagination is the real mother lode to be tapped ad infinitum.

Canadian, born in Windsor, Ontario.
Currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Over 40 years of creating art.
Displayed art in many exhibits – Canada and online.
Formally trained – University of Windsor (B.F.A),
Further education –Architecture (Ryerson).
Teaching Degree B.Ed. University of Toronto.
Creates for the art aficionado & for galleries online.
Displaying Art at the Denison Gallery, Toronto.
Creating abstract digital art and photographs of reality.
Artwork available for purchase at: tedshado.com, art.com.
Denison Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
Love for all things art – discovered singing (opera) and acting.
Think about art & enjoy

Ted Shado's AutoGallery exhibit