Nancy Ridenour

"These are all abstractions done in Photoshop. I use the select tool to remove parts of a photo and then place that piece on a black digital canvas. Some of the abstractions used the polar filter in Photoshop."

Nancy V. Ridenour grew up in a florist family in Schenectady, NY. She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in biology and worked in Laos for five years as a volunteer in the villages. When she returned to Ithaca, she became a biology teacher at Ithaca High School.

In 2005, she retired from teaching and enrolled in photography classes at TC3. At that time, the focus was on the lovely lotus flowers growing behind her home. Those classes led to more subjects in photography and photo processing. The pleasure of producing digital images led her to join the artistic community in Ithaca where she is a member of the State of the Art Gallery.

The subjects for her digital images include birds in Florida, flowers in personal and public gardens, raptors, city-scapes, and abstractions developed from the cement sulptures in the Cornell University Arboretum.

Since 2005, she has been involved in over one hundred photography shows, both group and solo. These have been in Ithaca and surrounding cities, as well as the following galleries: Image City in Rochester, YCAC in Penn Yan, Agora Gallery in Manhattan, BWAC in Red Hook, Main Street Gallery in Clifton Springs, 60 East Gallery in Corning, and 171 Cedar Arts Gallery in Corning, NY.

Nancy Ridenour's AutoGallery exhibit

Nancy Ridenour's zenfolio exhibit