Paul David Redfern

ANAMARIJA STIBILJ ANJ - Bohinj (Slovenija)
Critic and art historian, 6. Mednaroda likovna kolonija Kristal - Bohinj - (catalog)

Paul David Redfern is one of the pioneers of Italian digital photography. The photographic image is for him a document, a testimony of time, space, people, events; it is, in short, the "capture" of the moment. But, at the same time, it is also an expressive language and a personal relationship with the visual reality. However, his creative process does not end here. In the computer he watches, all inserted in a new creative context, the possibility of simulating "writing with light", the discovery of the creative spirit, the realization of twinkling ideas. The computer is the tool that allows him to translate his idea into a new image: true, multifaceted, unique, original and visually interesting and convincing. The creative play of new motifs is directed by his artistic mind and by his extreme artistic sensibility. This sensitivity conduct him to the discovery of painting and graphics, techniques "observed" for more than a decade. This type of artistic experience, accompanied by new techniques and technologies, has introduced Redfern to an interesting and exciting trip that has accompanied him to the design of works that represent real visual sensations. From the technical support, the essential interface, the borned works testify that they are based on a very high artistic component. The author's approach is always highly artistic as he is a true master of color, space and light, lines and shapes, structures, complex compositions and textures. In the design of his digital collages, the figures are made with complex overlays of textures and various weaves. In them, this is the scenario that the artist creates, at the same time both the intimate and the artistic look are reflected, we feel the image as a medium based on a solid artistic foundation, which lives the freedom of ideas. The images of Paul David Redfern are a harmonious synthesis, they follow the author's concept and, fundamental thing, they keep his representation clear. Carefully observing the specifications of the new creative environment, Redfern has, in relation to the interior-exterior, found an interesting "raw material" of various elements, linking them in an inseparable "unicum" where each fragment enjoys its own artistic life.

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