Sheila Smith


My first camera was a Brownie box camera. The now yellowed photos taken with that camera show a thirteen year old's desire to record a moment on film.

Fast forward to the sixties when I was a secretary to the creative director of Columbia Records. My boss gave me the responsibility to review photographers' portfolios and select the best for potential assignments.

I was exposed to the great photographers of that era: Gary Winogrand, Lee Friedlander and Gordon Parks to name a few. It was inspiring. I went on to study advertising concept and design at The School of Visual Arts and ultimately became an Art Director. During those years I continued to work with top photographers, including Richard Avedon. My first camera as an adult was a used 35mm Pentax. I took a few courses in photography at the New School and began to shoot whatever interested me. At the same time I had a passion to paint so I enrolled at the Art Students League to take drawing and painting classes.

I painted for many years but never abandoned photography. I have devoted myself full time to photography since 1997. The moments I capture today are no longer on film but on a CompactFlash card. And yes, I have gone digital.

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