Adonis Halepianos



"I have not to say much about me, saying 'who does not speak about himself is buried'... But in my life, I lived too much in order not to feel so much the weight of the 87 years of my age, as the one of the 3500 years of my History .. Operating in the borders between Science, Art and Philosophy, I still insist to search harmony into simplicity, elegance in austerity, beauty in inspiration and I refuse to deliver the spirit in the area of lie and obscurantism. With those "weapons" I'm struggling to float in the open sea of life's adversities and I try, like in any engineering contract, to apply the Engineer's Sciences that I am, along with the Art Rules that inspire my imagination. It is written that if all the Leonardo's notebooks were found, he could be known in History as an engineer, rather than an artist."

Adonis was the overall first prize winner in MOCA's 2019 Donnie Contest with his "Black Swan" image.

Adonis Halepianos 2019 AutoGallery exhibit

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