Hajo Drott


Hajo Drott (Dr.phil.)
Platanenstrasse 3
D-82024 Taufkirchen bei München
Tel.: ++49 (0)89 6125648
Fax.:++49 (0)89 6125648
EMail: hajo-drott@onlinehome.de
Home: www. computerkunst-drott.de


"Born 29.XI.1929 in Halle/Saale Germany. After the Studium of Chemie and Physik on the University in Halle/Saale I worked first in the field of chemical Industry (1957-1964). From 1964 -1989 Manager by the Siemens-Company in Munich. During this period from 1970-1974 employed as production manager in Pakistan. 1977 first works with Light-Kinetic-Objects. In 1985 I started with computer screen prints and with Laser projections, also with works of computer controlled Microprocessors in Light-Kinetics-Objects. From 1988 I worked with ultraviolette Light und ultraviolette colours. In 1989-1994 again studying for the Art-history and also Philosophy at the University Munich. Dissertation as Dr. phil: Das Bild im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wirklichkeit und Fiktion - Aspekte computer-generierter Bildwelten. (The picture in the field of tension between reality and fiction - Aspects of computer generated picture worlds.) From 1996 up to the present time I am working in the field of computer graphics and computer animations."

Many works are in public possession.

Approximately 200 exhibitions in Germany and in foreign countries.

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