Avani Aggarwal

Bio of Avani Aggarwal:

Self-taught Digital Integrative Artist, living in Mumbai, Avani has been featured by IEEE Computer graphics & Applications magazine and various art blogs, having also participated in various group art shows and live cultural events that cross- represent art with dance.

Having started with Ceramics, Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Soft Pastels, in that order, Avani now channels her energy and inspiration into the creation of Digital Fine Art.

What you see in her Fine Art limited edition Giclee prints are Contemporary or Abstract interpretations of what she feels in her Soul just as much as what she sees through the eye of the poet within her.

However, she insists there is no "one" reality, no singularly correct interpretation and therefore, what you see in her art is a reflection of your own thoughts, subject to the reality or the illusion of the world of the viewer, a reflection of the inner self.

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