Harshad Shah

I was born in 1952 at Nadiad, Gujarat, India. From my very child hood philosophy, paintings, poems and literature would delight my inner elements like mind, heart, ego, etc. Even in those days I always try to express my views, dreams and ideas with the help of poems, colors and words. This process gradually led me to be a self thought painter and a writer.

I graduated in commerce in 1972. After working as an Assistant Manager in a very big company for 18 long years, I started my own education academy in Ahmedabad.

I did my first show of Compu-Paintings in 2000 at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. Bansilal Dalal, the art critic had mentioned that it was the first of a kind one man show in Gujarat. After that I did few more one man shows of my digital paintings in Gujarat, India. I had participeted in painting exhibitions and competitions and had achieved quite a few awards.

My work and new experiments of compu-painting were recognized and appreciated by many newspapers, magazines, artists, TV channels and art lovers. Besides these I had arranged art competitions for the school children up to 16 years through my academy at Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

I have been in Massachusets USA since April 2014. I have submited many paintings to the Museum of Computer Art. My paintings were selected by MOCA as a Director's Choice Award in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. I have also won Donnie 2018 Honorable Mention #2 Award from MOCA NY.

With my other hobby of literature a novel author emerged in me and I wrote a book of 723 pages named " SHRIMAD BHAGWAT JIVAN PARAG " based on Indian mythology and philosophy in traditional Indian language. My one act [ Hindi and Gujarati ] play has got 6 Indian National Awards in 2017.

I firmly believe that the new methods, modern means and wide and deep sight of the new generation will lead the computer art to the world of dreams and images. This Digital Art will give the new shape, forms and colors to the fiction wonderfully and scientifically.

I congratulate to Don Archer and appreciate the services of MOCA for this modern digital art and art lovers. It is very good that Moca has started to arrange the group shows [ since 2016 at CATSKILL NY. ] of Digital Artists who win the awards from MOCA . It is indeed a very nice physical print exhibition to motivate the artists and their work.

Harshad Shah's AutoGallery exhibit