Mohrah H. Sakr


I'm a digital fractal artist for Cairo, Egypt. I studied fine arts and specialized in painting. I also studied IT and Multimedia and actually worked as a multimedia developer and a graphic designer for many years before working as an Assistant Professor of Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts Mansoura University in Egypt in 2015. My MFA thesis was about digital painting and my PhD dissertation explored Fractal and New media digital works of art. Both my Master's and Doctorate were the first to bring such fields into light in the academic fine arts world in Egypt and therefore I'm considered a pioneer of such fields in Egypt. I enjoy teaching very much, especially digital courses such as Digital Drawing, Digital Painting and Digital Art History and Theory, which are only taught in the Faculty of Fine Arts Mansoura University and not in any of the other five Faculties of Fine arts in Egypt, but I don't let my busy schedule keep me from constantly working on my paintings, specially my continuous exploration of fractal painting.

Condensed CV

* A Digital and Fractal Artist from Egypt.
* Assistant Professor of Painting and Acting Head of Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mansoura University, Egypt.
* Curator and Assistant Curator of various students and faculty members? exhibitions, Faculty of Fine Arts, Mansoura University.
* Jury member of various artistic and painting competitions, Mansoura University.
* Various national and international group exhibitions.
* Various digital and traditional ?one man show? exhibitions.
* Published research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences.

Artist Statement


Those 12 Paintings are the paintings of my latest Exhibition of Fractal Paintings under the title "Impressions...Digital fractal paintings inspired by Turner and Monet", which was held in the Main Exhibition Hall at the Faculty of Fine Arts Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt from the 18th till the 24th of November 2018. Paintings were printed on Canvas and mounted on 100x140cm wood frames.


J.M.W. Turner and Claude Monet both changed the course of western landscape painting during the 19th century. And while Turner Preceded Monet, who had a deep admiration for Turner?s work, both their works were vital to the development of Impressionism with their tendency towards reducing details in favor of depicting a "mood", a "Feeling" or an "Impression" mainly of light in an outdoor setting in their timeless paintings.

Turner turned more towards painting an atmosphere, especially in weather occurrences at sea, such as storms, rain and fog. He was also captivated by the power of light as in sunlight and fires which he painted with a chromatic palette and broadly applied atmospheric washes of paint.

Monet who founded "Impressionism" in 1874, admired Turner's work, and devoted himself to painting the impression of sunlight and the beauty of the French countryside with his lively illuminated colors. The term "Impressionism" is in fact derived from the title of one of his paintings "Impression Sunrise". Landscapes of lily ponds remain some of Monet's well known and most admired works.

These digital fractal paintings are inspired by the great works of both Turner and Monet. More than anything, they depict an atmosphere and an impression of light and color of various ?ships-like? shapes at sea ? as in Turners most well known works - or of colorful gardens and ponds in a sunny day as in Monet?s poetic landscapes.

Dr. Mohrah H. Sakr
November 2018

Lecturer/Assistant professor of Painting
Painting Department,
Faculty of Fine Arts, Mansoura University.

Mohrah H. Sakr's AutoGallery exhibit