Otto Laske

Otto Laske, born in Silesia (then Germany) has lived and worked in the USA since 1966. He is an internationally known composer of concert music as well as a poet published in German and English. When in his middle seventies, Otto became interested in seeing music visualized and therefore became a visual artist. Since 2010, he has produced animations, paintings, graphic work, and photography all of which he considers as 'frozen music'. His visual work has been presented nationally in the US but mainly in the artist colony of Cape Ann where he lives. Otto is also a writer on digital art, published, for instance, in M. Ray's "Cape Ann Narratives on Art in Life" (2017).


I am an experimental artist whose esthetics are shaped by digital imagination deriving from his long history of using software for art-making since 1970 (initially in the composition of vocal, instrumental, and electro-acoustic music). My work is situated between abstraction and surrealism and shows a strong lyrical sense and sense of form, as holds for his poetry. The work is abstract in the sense that I invent shapes, colors, textures and perspectives without reference to representational concerns. My topic, for the most part, is the/my mind's own working. I deliberately share my creative process with software (especially Studio Artist), to a degree specific to the particular work in question, thus always differently. I work with a large variety of tools which include: self-defined paint brushes, spontaneous and algorithmic drawing, image manipulation, texture synthesis, file synthesis, and animation tools. In my photography and graphic work I favor black & white, while in my paintings exuberance of color dominates.

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