Sketchlight is a partnership of two women artists, Ray Vagner & Keren Eicher.

All of our pictures are Light-painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. No Photoshop.

The artworks are done in a completely dark studio or at night in places where there is no artificial "light pollution". We use different and special lighting tools Some of the tools we use we built ourselves. Light-painting is an art form, a technique consisting of creating Images by capturing the movement of light. In all our creation we do the lighting by hand. We see the movement constantly changing.

We are exploring all kinds of technique. Some of our work highlights the abstract nature of light. We are inspired by the beauty of light in all its various forms.

Painting in light is like magic for us. We learn something new each time we create. Sometimes the attempts we make surprise us and create even more interesting things than we planned. We are constantly searching for new color textures and tools. It is a technique that creates the impossible, records the paths of light into the picture, and reveals something hidden in the real world.

Quote that gave us a lot of inspiration by AD. Gordon:
"The light will not defeat the darkness as long as we don't stand on the simple truth that instead of fighting the dark we must increase the light".

The pictures in this exhibit are from the series An Ambient Light, which deals with the light encompassing a concept that belongs to the Jewish Kabbalistic world - any divine light illuminating worlds or objects or any creature that can not receive the light in their interior and feeling, by being larger and abstract than them, is called light and comprehensive in relation to them. And we were above and beyond the ability to achieve them. The essence of a comprehensive light is the infinite light that has no border. The light of infinity is blessed in terms of the rotation of all the pomegranate, it is the infinite light of Gd, and therefore the limited creatures can not receive - to feel and feel the light within themselves.

Ray Vagner is an official representatives in the "lpwa" - "Light Painting World Alliance", a non-profit organization that brings together the best light painters in the field from all over the world.

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