Chalda Maloff

My art reflects my abiding optimism and faith in the order of our world. My process, sometimes intellectual and sometimes intuitive, consists of working and reworking shapes and colors towards an expressive whole that will have the power to evoke emotion, sensuality, and spirituality.

I studied Computer Science in the early 1970's, when it was considered by many to be a quirky field of endeavor with limited practical application. I was told that my graduate degree in this subject would yield me even less chance of scratching out a living than my undergraduate degree in Art History.

It took me decades to bring together in a serious way my two passions of art and technology. During the interim, I worked in oils, acrylics, aquatint, and clay. The facility I gained with the various mediums served me well, preparing me for a time when I would be using computer software that allowed me to switch from one simulated medium to another with the click of a mouse.

I have exhibited my art throughout North and South America. Recent awards include the Guerilla Painter Award from the Visual Arts Society of Texas and Second Mention of Honor at the VIII Salón de Arte Digital in Venezuela. Recent solo exhibits have been at the Ceres Gallery in New York City and Morris Graves Museum of Art in California.

I hold a doctorate in Human Ecology, and I live in Austin, Texas.

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