Silvia Dunayevich

My works are based on mathematical objects, objects that may or may not in fact exist but they certainly do in our imagination. Despite the rationality of these objects and their relationship with opt art, spontaneous exploration and playfulness are at the beginning of each work.

Digitally created using fractals, which are graphical representations of mathematical formulas, there is no photo manipulation on them. They are created from scratch in what, in traditional painting, would be a blank canvas.

While my art is based on the fractal figure, infinite and characterized by constant repetition of its shape, I take parts of those images to create my work, I combine them, overlay them and apply on them some movement to distance them from the mathematical perfection and approach them to the imperfection of the humane. In this way I attempt to develop my own aesthetic language by using lines, nets, textures and shapes, seeking to bring out a spatial depth.

I recognize in my works the imprint of long conversations with my father on art and science we held throughout our lifetime together.

While I create them, I let my imagination fly away free from everyday reality penetrating fantasies and possibilities of a different universe.

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