Hajo Drott

Hajo Drott hails from Germany, born November 29, 1929. He expresses having a varied and impressive background that includes first studying at the University in Halle/Saale -- Stadium of Chemie and Physik. It was at the University that he explored Light-Kinetic-Objects and in the mid-80s began working with computer screen prints and laser projections. In 1988, Drott began working with ultraviolet light and color in his work. He then continued his studies (1989-1994) pursuing art history and philosophy at the University in Munich. His dissertation title (delivered as ?Dr. Phil?): ?The picture in the field of tension between reality and fiction - Aspects of computer generated picture worlds.? Currently, his interests involve computer graphics and animation.

From 1972 up to 2017 more than 200 Multiple- und Single-Exhibitions, u.a. Eindhoven, NL; Ludwigsburg; Gauting; Karlruhe; Helsinki; Wasserburg; Dresden; Prag; New Dehli; Sao Paulo; Warschau; Bielsko-Biala PL; Kiel, Warnemünde, Linz, Weil der Stadt; Paderborn, Ibbenbüren; Detmold; Leoben; Koblenz; Stuttgart; London; Pinneberg; Gladbeck; Minsk, Ukraine, Den Haag, NL; Kuovola Finnland; Köln; München; Bramsche; Frederiksvaerk, DK; Nizza, France. Musee d?Art modern; Meulan, France; Bonn; Islamabad, Pakistan; Salzburg; Berlin; Rosenheim; Enschede, NL; Amstelle, NL; Amsterdam, NL; Traunreuth; Ratingen; Aachen; Hannover; Almelo, NL; Siegen; Oeynhausen; Wuppertal; Kassel; Leeuwarden, NL; Gorinchen, NL; Oldeberkoop, NL; Lüdenscheid; Athen, GR, 2.Video Festival; Kirn.

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