J. D. Doria


J. D. Doria, an interdisciplinary artist, works and lives in Tel Aviv and has exhibited his works internationally in Tel Aviv, Rome, Milan, London, Paris and New York among others. His work explores through the transforming dynamics of materiality the questions he deems fundamental in a human becoming, and matures at the intersections between art and technology, and between art and science. His background in cinema allows him to capture unexpected and transitory qualities in his works, which stem out from the act of painting, yet evolve through technology and photography into generative art. Among his exhibited projects, Painting as a multitude, Organic Memory and the Petri Dish Project and Material Cosmologies.


Matter, its dynamic qualities and underestimated 'imagination', is the underlying metaphor and actual substance I use while generating my works. The incorporation of technology allows me an exposure and investigation at multiple scales and durations within a painting process. So while dynamic 'material processes' provide me an unlimited set of brushes, technology operates as my multiple and asynchronous organ of capturing. Rather than painting I am 'growing' images by the agency of materials (colors and mediums). The composition in the Petri dish becomes active and generates 'material chaotic processes', out of which a 'colony' of images emerges. The incorporation of technological (i.e. camera or 3D scanner) allows the exploration of new edges in the creative process and the development of an aesthetic intuition that belongs to the current rushing transition and hybridization and which echoes the quest for ephemeral references and slow-downs that accompanies it.

Artist Statement

In my work, since the beginning, it was the line of separation between imagination, nature and matter that caught my attention and became across multiple mediums my experimental and aesthetic enterprise. What would happen if one looks at nature, imagination and matter as a continuum? Where the one is endlessly spilling into the other? Where are the borders, why do they emerge? My work, originally rooted in painting, interprets such a continuum of potential openness and attempts to achieve it by the attentive usages of bridges, the bridges to which I refer as technologies. Technologies in my work are the artist's extension, and they profoundly change how i relate to the artistic process, they help expose and reveal the 'middle', the constant leaking of medium into medium, of mind into mind and of projected futures into the present. I am after the softness that unfolds as interconnected-ness, opening by that a corridor into a new transitory 'home' for our perception.

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