Klaus Bittner

Studio: in Frankfurt a.M. / Germany

Since 1971; 46 solo exhibitions in Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, France; 114 participations in exhibitions and art projects in Germany and foreign countries.

1944 born in Deschnei / Czech Republic.

I am a self-taught-artist, working multidisciplinary in the fields of photography-digital art, painting, drawing, installation, objects and land art. For me there is no fixed subject, that's why I call my method "The Variable Reaction". This conception means a strategy to avoid a recognizing continuity (principle of mobility). This strategy is focused against an esthetical setting, the persisting in a position and the pressure of the market to identify. It's not the goal to create art with a trade mark or a market sign, which can be recognized at once as well as a lifelong created personal style. It's rather the aim to keep a creative variety which is elevating the variation of expression. The "Variable Reaction" means an artistic work as an experimental way which is posed in opposition to perfection. The aim is dancing between the chairs, not sitting on them.

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