San Base was born in 1956 in the former Soviet Union, where he developed a strong interest in mathematics and computer technology. In 1996 he immigrated to Canada where he now lives. He calls his art Dynamic Painting, a painting changed with time, as new images are generated from an original image. It was an idea that took eight years of dedication and perseverance to realize. So his art is always a variation on a theme. He writes, "The artist creates the basic idea of the picture (plot, esthetics), basic colours, basic principles of their development. Then a computer works on the picture's individuality, adding more variations and fluctuations of the basic elements and letting them develop with time: the picture living its own life with objects moved and transformed but still following the original artist's concept. This method is a dynamic form of Generative Art...Once static, the [original] picture is now transformed into a never-ending show with images being [replaced] hour by hour, day by day, month by month. None of the images repeat previous ones and will never repeat again." The original size of the images is a huge 11000 x 7800 pixels. It's a stunning performance.

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San Base's AutoGallery exhibit