Stefan Arteni

Stefan Arteni attended the Rome Academy of Fine Arts as a student of Luigi Montanarini and Sandro Trotti. Arteni was drawn to and profoundly affected by the skill of sixteenth and the seventeenth century artists. Many of his research papers on painting materials and techniques have been published by The International Council of Museums. Arteni is also pursuing the study of calligraphy with Yusho Tanaka Setsuzan, president of the Nihon Shodo Geijutsu Kyokai (The Japan Calligraphy Art Association) founded by Kamijo Shinzan, a pupil of Miyajima Eishi.

Arteni's stylistic matrix consists of the interplay of Byzantine tradition, Western formal procedures, and Far Eastern calligraphy and seal-carving methods, a synthesis illustrated by his Scroll Fragments solo exhibition at the Kobe Art Hall in 1999 and also by the works he has shown at the international exhibition Calligraphy and Art - A New Perspective on Contemporary Calligraphy organized in Taiwan in 2000. Stefan Arteni received the Japan Foreign Affairs Minister Grand Prize for Calligraphy in 1996 and in 2005, the Grand Prize for Calligraphy of the Japanese Consul in Los Angeles in 2002, and in 2005 he was awarded the rank of Shihan by The Japan Calligraphy Art Association. Arteni exhibited calligraphy works internationally with The Art of Ink In America Society.

The complex trajectory of Arteni's career was surveyed by two important retrospective exhibitions in New York, his adopted city: The Sign of the Logos at the Saint Marc Library of The General Theological Seminary in 1999, dedicated to artists' books created together with his wife Myriam S.P. de Arteni, and The Way of Form, a large retrospective at QCC Art Gallery - CUNY in 2005. Arteni's works are in prestigious public and private collections.

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