Peach Pair

I Draw With A Mouse

I take pleasure in the challenge of creating something organic, expressive, comforting, and painterly, out of something wholly inorganic and insentient in an attempt to achieve a graceful pas de deux between technology and fine art. I use a computer and software as the primary tools in the realization of my vision. Rather than using photography, I start with a "blank canvas" and draw with a mouse. Sometimes I use organic substances: bits of found things such as tree bark and leaves, shells and wasp hives, which I scan in to add texture and dimension to my work. What draws most artists to this new process is that digital technology, in relation to art, has progressed to the point of endless creative possibilities. With digital technology you are not only able to capture the look and feel of traditional media; you now have the capacity to create firsthand images with depth. My work has appeared in the feature film Universal Signs, as well as juried exhibitions, galleries in CT, NY, NJ and CA, and is included in private collections in the U.S., Europe and Japan. I have a Bachelor's degree in music. Life, I am learning in degrees through Buddhism. These two disciplines are integrated into my work, informing its lyricism and heart.

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