Kimberly R. Hansen

In 1999, Fractalicious® founder Kimberly Hansen had a devastating car accident that changed her life. Breaking her back, and twisting her spinal cord in her upper back, she had to re-invent herself and her life, as she could no longer work at her current job. A wife and mother of one, she was determined to find some way to productively fill her time, to find a way to contribute as she had before, re- learning to do it all paralyzed in a wheelchair.

With a background in writing, theater, dance and photography, she knew in her heart she wanted to do something creative. Something she was not able to explore as freely before her injury, but now she had time.

During her soul searching, she discovered fractal art, a digital art form based upon mathematics, full of abstract shapes and infinitely, repeating lines and spirals. Something just clicked. She had found her artistic calling, outlet, and medium. Soon after, a dream was born.

Kimberly began selling her art, traveling to art shows, and building up her reputation as 'the fractal lady' in the western United States.

Her artwork has been featured in jurried art shows and galleries across the Western United States, hangs in homes and businesses across North America, and is featured on licenced products, worldwide and is the proud owner of the registered trademark brand, Fractalicious...

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