Wolfepaw (Peggi Wolfe)

I live in Natchez, MS, with my husband, two cats (one grumpy, one sweet), and a truly wonderful dog. I was born and raised in New Orleans, but, like so many others, my home in New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, when I was 55 years old. We had evacuated to Natchez, MS, before the storm and when we saw our house had been flooded to the roof, we decided to stay in Natchez. I was working at Tulane University Health Sciences Center when the hurricane struck and I continued to work at Tulane In New Orleans for a little over 3 more years (drove to New Orleans on Monday, spent the week in NO, drove back to Natchez on Friday for the weekend). I have been a research scientist for 35 years, most spent at Tulane. I spent a year and a half in London at St. Bartholomew's Hospital setting up a lab for their Chest Dept in the late 70s.

Now, I am a Global Programs Specialist at Alcorn State University in MS. I work a lot now with computers and digital graphics, grant writing, and videoconferencing as it relates to international education, experiential learning and Study Abroad.

I have been a photography nut for years and I really got into digital photography. Through digital photography, I learned a bit about digital graphic editing. After tinkering with that for a few years (just for my own enjoyment, mostly), I got into fractals! I had first discovered fractals back in the mid 1990s. I even tried one of the free software programs, but it was an alien interface and I had no idea what I was doing, so I promptly forgot about fractaling...until September of 2008. Somehow, I got hooked on them again and downloaded all the free fractal generating software I could find. Well, needless to say, I learned a bit more on how to use the software and I have been fractaling my fool head off ever since...

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