Edwin Vangorder

My cyber drawings are cognates of architectural joinery in abstract loops which in the cyber sleeve are like throwing a pot in the 4th dimension as the ghosts and potentials of the present moment arrive to virtuality.

In the progression of the series the drawing symbolize language as a sense of topology; ie, the morphology and topographies of form emergent to ethos pathos and dialectic - a visual rhetoric. In the drawing selected here I have touched upon the permutations of ethos pathos and dialectic (the first two terms essentially meaning discourse). For example Boolian Logic or library science borrows from cubism to state "union-opposition-intersection". Information architecture finds "immersion-generativity-interactivity", a psychological slant includes issues of "identity-usage-being" logic observes "nominal-logical-expressive".

My purpose is to identify drawing as movement in mind and world, in which the virtual domain emphasizes a topesthesia or realm of thought experiment. Phenomenological roots pertain to an increasingly neurological model of semiotics and what is of interest is the semiotic shadow, the necessity to read our experience. Psychology and Physics alike are contemporary rhetorics which discover the anti-phenomenological or realm of experience such as dark matter or the subconscious which belong to the arena of thought experiment which drawing and particularly cyber drawing serve.

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