Pauline van de Ven

Pauline van de Ven (Netherlands 1956) graduated in Economics at Amsterdam University in 1995. In 2000 she quit her work as journalist/economist to devote all her time to painting and writing. She worked in water colour, linocut and etching ground on glass before starting out on a Palm TX in 2004. Her digital work has been exhibited in Budapest, Milan, New York and Amsterdam and included in private collections and the Literary Museum (Letterkundig Museum) in The Hague. Pauline writes a high ranking blog 'Digital Painting' for artists and collectors. She received two awards from the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA) of New York state University (2014, 2015).

"My painting is an intuitive effort to express the non fleeting, immobile, basic emotion that underlies the flow of everyday emotions and which itself is unaffected by the passage of time. Certain experiences early in life instilled in me an ever present sense of temporality, a source not only of sadness, but also of intensified joy evoked by all things radiating freshness, liveliness and momentary beauty. Still, I believe that the highest form of self expression reaches into a place where the self no longer matters. That is a long journey. The endless variety of forms and colors, arranged in an unlimited number of geometrical positions, flying around in time's strictly one-way direction, never ceases to fascinate me.Technically, I combine the smooth, playful, intentional properties of vector with the natural softness, contingency, and broader emotional palette of raster."

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