Nastya Valentine

Nastya Valentine's digital imaging technique combines photography, frame compositing, and warped color.

Her work in computer art explores beauty, distortion, and the many dualities one must reconcile on a #narrative from chaos to clarity. Presentation of the self and identity is vital here, whether that be in the form of a glowing revelation or shrouded beneath kaleidoscopic patterns.

This selection of images is influenced by contemporary artists like Cindy Sherman and Ryan Trecartin who include self-portraits and narratives of warped identity in their work, as well as the bold, perceptually intense stylings of Louis Wain, Lisa Frank, and Vassily Kandinsky.

Nastya Valentine has a BFA in Music and Video Production from Bard College. She is currently based in Los Angeles where she works on personal and professional art projects. Most recently, she was the official videographer for the 2015 Sunset Film Festival.

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Nastya Valentine's AutoGallery exhibit