Harshad Shah

"I was born in 1952 at Nadiad in Gujarat, India. Reading and Painting were my hobbies from my very childhood. After graduating in Commerce I continued my hobby of painting. I participated and received awards in painting competitions. I established my own academy for education and started arranging painting competitions at school levels. As per the Art Critic Bansilal Dalal, I was the first person who had done one man show of compu-paintings in Gujarat (India) in 2000, latter I arranged three other one man show of my compu-paintings. The glimpse of Indian mythology, philosophy, and the five elements are mostly found in my paintings. My work was appreciated by many artists, newspapers, critics and news channels.

"With my other hobby of reading, a novice author emerged in me and I wrote a book of 723 pages name 'Shrimad Bhagwat Jivan Parag' based on Indian mythology and philosophy in traditional Indian Gujarati language.

"Now I live in Woburn, MA. USA and I continue my hobbies at the age of 63. I firmly believe that the new methods, means and wide site of the new generation will lead computer art and lovers to the world of dreams and images."

Harshad Shah's AutoGallery exhibit