Richard Rownak

Richard Rownak's passion for Graphic arts started as a way to capture the beauty he saw around him.

In the Fall of 1977 Richard moved to Los Angeles from northwest Arkansas, where he continued a freelance photography career shooting portraits, events and selling his work at art shows. Richard worked as a still photographer on several movies, which taught him valuable lessons in lighting. He has shot several 16mm black and white short films with friends in Hollywood. He served three terms on the board of Directors of Hollywood Heritage, a Hollywood history and architecture preservation group. Currently he is on the advisory board for Exhibitions without walls, member of the Culver City Art Group and the Sarah Fulton Group.

One-man photography shows have been presented at the Los Angeles Photography Center, Bonaventure Hotel and the World Trade Center. During the early 80's most of the photography work was commercial and public relations, while the free time was spent camping and capturing the images of deserts, mountains and various national parks on film. Richard has won awards in the Sierra Club photo contest and numerous other competitions. Peterson Photographic published his 'how to' article "Scenic Splendor".

In 1995 Richard started working on the "Floral Visions Collections" which transforms live flowers into paintings by scanning them on his flatbed scanner. He calls the art form "Scantography", Richard's images are influenced by beauty and technology. Richard specializes in technical photography for KIA, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Nissan motors as well as people and architecture for other clients. Early in his career Richard brought together the wilderness and the city on film through multiple exposure special effects techniques and his images have been featured in magazine and newspaper articles. Recently, he is further exploring the visual impact of color and depth in two-dimensional art by using a three dimensional program to create his own vision and interesting prospective by joining 3D renderings with live digital images he has captured.

Richard embraces the digital revolution as an extension of the human experience.

Currently Richard creates and sells art while commissioned to do freelance projects but also works as a Webmaster for a large auto group in Southern California.

"Beauty is everywhere and life is open for everyone to find their own."

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