Jeffrey Z Rothstein

My name is JZRothstein, I am a free lance artist and writer whose visual works are often festooned, stapled, taped, and otherwise attached to various lamp-posts, parking kiosks, doorways and other convenient sites in and around Madison, Wisconsin. My work is often based on older collages, paintings and photographs, which I freely cannibalize and reconfigure into an assortment of abstract and dream-like images employing optical sampling and other digital manipulations based on an MS Paint platform. I am not as interested in works with a clear editorial meaning, or narrative, as I am in images and language that problematizes narratives by foregrounding the tendency to impose meaning and gestalts onto a set of seemingly related signifiers. It is the act of projecting meaning, and the way in which this act constructs other subsidiary and often conflicting meanings, which I am interested in reflecting in my work.

Jeffrey Z Rothstein's AutoGallery exhibit