Robert Reynolds

For me painting is a state of being, rather than a state of mind. As I work, I respond to each element placed within the image. The painting itself tells me what to do next. When I get into that trance-like process, textures, movement & colour just flow.

I paint for me, but the universal emotions translated to viewers are the connections that excite me. I don't have a map when I begin the journey. I just step up to the computer and let intuition tell me where & how the image should evolve.

My digital abstract works have been described as images drenched in color and brimming with movement and emotion, powerful works, exuding emotion which can be, at times, both dark and uplifting simultaneously.

To me there is no art more exciting than that which is new, different and being created by "outsider" artists who eschew the gallery system, push the outside of the envelope and, further, not only create outside the box but have thrown that box in the trash.

I have been drawing & painting for as long as I can remember but have only started painting abstract digital images recently. I have developed a profound interest in the abstract. My paintings are visual celebrations of both, my admiration for the "unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life" and the very freedom with which it is all expressed.

Digital painting has allowed me to abandon the monotony of conventional subject matter in favor of vibrancy, spontaneity and organic imagery. The flexibility that digital media gives is unlimited allowing subtle adjustments in tone, colour, texture & composition to meet ones personal taste or to fit a particular decor. This is more difficult to achieve with physical art media. An added bonus is the vast volume of material I can store digitally.

To create a powerful and moving abstract image is a gratifying experience for any artist. To have that image appreciated by the viewer is an even greater joy.

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