Joe Nalven

Art on a computer monitor (and most substrates) are simply dots on a two- dimensional space. What is important is how the dots are configured and perceived. I indulge a variety of styles and concepts. When presenting these images on a substrate, I occasionally go beyond the two-dimensional space by laminating an image printed on mylar to a metal surfaced that has been separately prepared with patinas and other manners of distressing the metal. The effect is a textured object. Still, when you see it as a jpeg, it is reduced, once again, to a 2D surface. The art, of course, speaks for itself - or does it? Well, go to my various websites and read my considerations about art; or go to my various artblogs (just google me) or the articles I've selected for the Digital Art Guild website or the book I co-authored with JD Jarvis -- Going Digital. There is a lot to consider, but even more to enjoy.

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