Peter Mc Lane

"Born in Chamonix in 1945, Peter Mc Lane is primarily a singing career that fascinates and wins at full speed for 25 scenes, tv trays and galas. But he drew and painted ever since. Eurovision to Monaco in 1972, the "POP Concerto Orchestra" fifteen records, the showbiz.

Peter is celebrating 28 years of digital creative. In 1987 he made his first synthetic images for Dassault, Aerospatiale, Sony Music, Renault, Lucent Technologies, Messier Bugatti ... .bac Film, prestige Pub agencies, among autres.Il his talents "new Argonaut" and embarks on his own creations that confirm the many international invitations and orders. Invited by FUJI in Tokyo for his first exhibition in Japan. Then Italy, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, France, USA.

He dives pioneer in this universe. A world that is constantly exploring since 1987. Rewarded several times, he inaugurated the first exhibition of Multimedia at the Fair of Paris in 1999, during the presentation of plasma screens that now belong to everyday life. He participated in the "Florence Biennale" in 2009 and is also present at MOCA " (Museum of Computer Art in New York) with whom he exhibited in Brooklyn in January 2010 where he received the Honorary award of " Grand Master of Digital Painting." He entered in the Drouot Dictionary of Quotes 2004.

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