Cecil William Lee

This work is from my "Mannequins or Metropolis" series. My work "Computer Evolved Art" centers on my photography and work I create within the confines of a computer. This series is a representation of citizens of our society, which we ignore yet emulate. They are our creations, reflections of our inner thoughts and outward expressions. The issue is are they emulations of us, or are they made in order to for us to emulate them?

What is "Computer Evolved Art"? CEA pays homage to artists by defining the computer as a tool used for the creation and transformation of art. Similar to the sculpturer's use of a hammer and chisel, or the painter's brush and canvas.

CEA is in opposition to often referred to terms: computer art, digital art, computer generated etc. definitions which tend to give the computer precedence over the (artist) human creators of the work. Nor is CEA a mere duplication of a scanned image, photo or art reproduction.

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