Kat Larsen

Photography has always been more to me than just the image that I see. I fuse the various elements to find a greater intimacy, to reach a depth beyond what the camera eye has seen: to discover the image that lies hidden just beneath or inside the original concept. Digital painting allows me to do this. Exaggerating color or creating paint brush effects, it is possible to humanize still life subjects and to force the image of a jazz player to scream out with the emotions of the music. I like to think of the digital palette as offering a multitude of possibilities...limited only by my own imagination.

Kat Larsen grew up in New York City and as a child spent hours inside a darkroom with her father, watching the magic of developing. Always searching for creativity in her life, she composed poetry as teenager, wrote a thriller novel in later years. Majoring in English and later psychology, she continued to search for an outlet for her artistic expression, for a way to express her view of the world. She found photography after retiring as a psychologist fifteen years ago and digital art eight years ago. Her reputation as a digital artist has earned her invitations to participate in various San Diego exhibitions.

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