Nina Koelman

Nina Koelman lives in Baden-Baden, Germany. After school she studied Business Administration for Traffic and Tourism and worked for many years in the tourism industry, at home and abroad. Currently she is employed in the automobile industry.

Her self-taught artistic activity began in the 1970s/1980s, partly with several years of interruption. Her art is creating abstract pictures with a wide diversity of colors, forms and designs.

In the past she painted with a felt pen, in 2009 she started with digital art. By using the computer there are formed esthetic graphical compositions with geometrical and biomorph elements. In many cases special effects are generated through relief-like and three-dimensional accentuations. The band of colors and motifs ranges from very colorful to restrained elegant.

In addition there are more pictures from the digital photography and photo-manipulation. On the one hand the photos are left in their original form, on the other hand they are changed digitally and so they get a new fascinating effect.

Since September 2012, she has had several exhibitions in Baden-Baden, in May 2013 at the State Museum "Preodolenie" in Moscow. She was nominated for the Palm Art Award 2012, 2013 and 2014. In January 2015 she was one of the runner-ups of the autumn session 2014 of the Blue Diamond Photo Award.

"Fascination for form and color, light and shade" - So I could probably describe best, what affects me consistently to try to create new pictures.

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