Soufiane Kennous


I simply, trying with heart and eyes to get close to capturing the moment where the beauty and art should be at, there's nothing I find more fascinating than a natural beautiful woman face expressing itself in a deep silence, when her eyes whispering her secrets and making you playing with words, bleeding emotions and giving birth to a new artwork where you'll leave a part of your soul living between lines and colors.


Some people argue for the development, they are against stagnation, they believe in the constant change and go hand in hand with it, they consider staying behind it is a terrible waste of time, my name's Soufiane Kennous and I'm one of them, a Moroccan artist from Casablanca living in a perverse fantasy world with unrealistic expectations.


POINT 2, Visual Art Exhibition, Goethe Institute Alexandria - Egypt (winter 2014).
Creatives Rising, SeeMe exhibition space NYC (Summer 2013).
The story of the creatives, the Angel Orensanz foundation for the Art in NYC (summer 2013).
7th International Youth Salon, Atelier of Alexandria - Egypt (spring 2012).
Art Takes Times Square NYC (summer 2012).
Resource Philadelphia Exhibition, Crane Old School (summer 2012).
3rd AAW Exhibition, Alexandria - Egypt (spring 2007).
Spring without AIDS, Casablanca - Morocco (spring 2006).

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Autogallery 2012 exhibit by Soufiane Kennous

Soufiane Kennous' AutoGallery 2015 exhibit