Ralph Randy Hall

A native of New Mexico, USA, Randy Hall currently serves as the Interim Department Head for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas.

Mr. Hall earned his Bachelor of Arts in Art from Maharishi International University, his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from Calvin College and his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Texas Christian University. He has also completed his doctoral coursework in Art Education at the University of North Texas.

Preceding his appointment at ASU, Mr. Hall directed the art therapy program at the High Frontier, in Fort Davis, Texas, taught courses in design and drawing at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and was Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he taught courses in Art Education.

An active artist, Mr. Hall has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2014 he won the Larry J. Elling Memorial Photography Award at the Annual Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit, Brownwood Texas and several of his photographs were featured in the international juried publication Hidden Treasures Art Magazine Yearbook, Croydon/Surrey, UK.


In 2010 and again in 2013, I had the extraordinary opportunity to co-direct Angelo State University's Summer Study Abroad Program to the People's Republic of China (PRC). Along with colleague Ben Sum and a group of undergraduate students, we traveled extensively throughout the PRC, studying and appreciating many of that country's most important cultural treasures, monuments and cultural centers. Our journeys took us to exciting modern cities like Beijing, Xian and Hong Kong and famous attractions such as the Great Wall, the tomb of the first emperor and the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum, Tiananmen Square and WuDang Mountain, the birthplace of Tai Chi. We also traveled along the ancient trade route known as the Silk Road and visited the Gobi Desert and Dunhuang, location of 1,000-year-old Buddhist Grottos, and Xiahe city, vicinity of Labrang Monastery, the largest and most important Tibetan monastery outside of Tibet.

Naturally, I took a camera (a Canon digital SLR) to document all the incredible sites and stimulating attractions. And I took photos -- many photos. My objective, like any tourist, was to record visually my experiences but also to try to capture images that would transcend the typical "tourist snapshots" and capture the special magic of the place - an image that could be appreciated for its aesthetic qualities like a painting.

To reach this goal, I was inspired by one of China's great philosophical and religious contributions to the world: Zen Buddhism (Chan in China). In this tradition, one is encouraged to be to be mindful of the present moment, to be aware of the profound reality of existence in its purity, without labeling or concepts of past or future. With this practice in mind, along with my understanding of design and composition, a world pregnant with beauty presented itself. Later, upon review, selection and preparation for exhibition, I edited my images using Photoshop and printed them on Epson Archival Exhibition Fiber paper.

My intent for all the images is that they suggest the beauty hidden in the world that sometimes arises in the trembling moment like an epiphany. My process was very intuitive and rested upon faith that if I were receptive and open, the image would present itself as a gift. In all the images, I sought to record compositions that were complete, balanced, unified and supported by compelling subject matter. I hope they convey a sense of transcendence, spirituality and deep connection with the world.

Thus, the photographs presented in this exhibition act to record special moments associated with my incredible journeys and also demonstrate my research into the nature of photography as an art form inspired by my ongoing study of Asian culture.

Ralph Randy Hall's AutoGallery exhibit