Margarita Fishbeyn

"From the very beginning of her career Margarita Fishbeyn showed signs of highly independent thinking. She has a passion for Kandinsky and Malevich as well as for Chagall. Margarita graduated from Toronto school of Arts, specializing in Multimedia Design.

"She holds a Master's Degree and PhD from Columbus University. She has been honored by the Society of Contemporary Art.

"Margarita draws directly into the computer, using an illustration program, similar to drawing and painting using traditional materials. She is a dynamic creator, who works in the different styles: Modern, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Cubism, Abstract Constructivism. She is a good teacher with a modern view prepared to respond to the pressures of modernity, for new forms and for a new visual language. Her intense, astute perceptions get to the very core of things, and her artworks are vibrant, colorful and prolific."

Margarita Fishbeyn's AutoGallery exhibit