Isaac Feliciano

Some years ago I submitted a piece called "Digital Ink", well now it's 2015 God bless us, and here I send to you 4 more works created along the way. "Name Art" is a photo-manipulation combined with text modified on a PC containing the name of my company and handle, "Elves" is a an idea that when my computer malfunctions or does something strange and unexpected that "There are Elves in my Computer". That one and all of them are jpeg collages. "The New She" is a mirror reflection and combination of elements found across the web, pretty ain't "She". The other is just an experimentation of a digital photo taken in Soho in downtown Manhattan of a building that had a flat glass portal and I thought it'd be pretty nice to see that look like a portal that you would see in a Sci-FI movie or television show. That one is called "The Portal".

Isaac Feliciano's AutoGallery exhibit