Silvia Dunayevich

Argentina born artist Silvia Dunayevich graduated in Computer Science and Psychology. In 2007 she "discovered" fractal art and has been developing her skills since that time.

Her work has been exhibited in important art galleries and museums in Buenos Aires, and also been shown in Spain and India.

The theme of her work is Subjective Time. Time as perceived by different people in different contexts. Time represented by nets linking an unlimited abstraction.

Without losing sight of the infinite characteristic of fractal representation, her works confine within the canvas a tiny fraction of that limitless space, distorting the shapes defined by the mathematical function in the same manner as our mind selects, limits and adapts our perception of time and space (our reality) to find meanings and project emotions.

Silvia Dunayevich's art on the Web

Silvia Dunayevich's AutoGallery exhibit