Dominic Brown

Dominic Brown is a visual artist from Rijswijk, The Netherlands.

The archaeological sites, drawings and symbols he discovers on his journeys to far away places form his primary source of inspiration. Much of his work draws on the 5000 year old murals and hieroglyphs he has visited while traveling through Egypt.

His inspiration, however, is not only fueled by the Egyptian sights he has seen. Early in life, Dominic found himself inspired by the rich Turkish culture and Greek mythology. As he got older he also developed a fascination for the Mayan mysteries and Incan civilizations.

He sees the eccentric masks from Africa as a way of communicating with the past. He believes that the emotion or message that an artist wanted to express many hundreds or thousands of years ago could not have been transferred more vividly than through a painting, drawing or a symbol. The lines and colors used by the artist elicit a certain emotion from the audience. With the use of his own lines and colors, Dominic, too, seeks to communicate with people throughout the world. According to him, something that does not have a time or language barrier will never perish.

My work is created by combining traditional techniques like drawing, painting with modern ones like printing, scanning, photographing (smartphone mostly) and use of Photoshop and Illustrator.

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