Claudio Boyd


1: The real you is not your mind. That's why pure visualism will always transcend conceptualism. A nice oil paint landscape does more for the protection of our ecology than many bizarre performances.

2: Continent depends on contained. As long as form follows function. If it has decent looks, it might not be wrong. Don?t trust a square coming in a round cover. Contained does not depend on continent because function doesn't follow any particular form. Don't care if a circle comes in some angular packaging.

3: Areté is rarer than scientia, and scientia is rarer than techné. Thus, to honour justice, we must start in art, then lead to knowledge and at last, but not least, accomplish technique. Though all this tends to be done the opposite way.

4: An art leaning on explanations has not gone far enough. The observer bravely needs to decipher the gesture by itself, in order to overcome its fear of looking inside, onto the unknown. And that will be its half of the job, a contribution to the process of setting itself free. Who wants explanations anyway?

5: Truth is automatic. A certain way to see truth is in self-regulated processes. More natural is by far truer.

6: You're beautiful not because you're you. You're beautiful just because you?re in life.

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