Ariel Pascar

Ariel Pascar was born in La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, and has an M.Sc in Electronic & Computer Engineering from the BGUN, Beer Sheva, Israel. He started to explore Digital and Computer Art when he was in charge of the Image & Signal Processing Lab of the Electronic & Computer Engineering Science Faculty of the Ben Gurion University, in the early 80's.

As personal and home computing evolved and powerful mathematical algorithms were made available to any user, he continued to explore and develop his techniques.

His main interest is in what he calls "Zen Art", trying to generate a pointer (and just a humble pointer) to our true nature or essence.

He combines Fractals, Computer Generated Forms & Images, Photography and Painting, under an Image Processing paradigm to express a simple and peaceful message, from heart to heart (ishin denshin) and Life, as it is.

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