Dr. Tripti Singh

Dr. Tripti Singh earned a Ph.D. degree from Banasthali University in Rajasthan, India. Her research topic was 'Indian Digital Art in the Contemporary World - a Critical Survey' in the subject area of Drawing and Painting. This was the first research in digital arts which documented the history of digital art events held in India.

'It has been more than 12 years since I began working in the digital medium and using the computer as a tool for creating digital graphics. I feel I can put ideas into my artworks with ease. It happens when I feel involvement with my artworks to the extent that I feel I am entering another world. In this world I feel freedom and joy. It feels like I can move things as I wish. These feelings can?t be expressed through words. These artworks tell those untold stories which were lived while making them.'

Her first solo show was Amoghvarsha '12' at Jehangier Art Gallery, from 19th-27th of December 2012. She has participated in many national and international art shows. Her artworks are part of permanent collections in Italy and Hungary.

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