Nicholas McCumber

Nicholas McCumber writes:

I'm not attaching any clues to this note. Its just some words comparing Clues in Digits with the mystical power of Kundalini and its energy forces. Clues are like energy forces. Digits get the viewers tricked into thinking about what they are visualizing. The viewer finishes the Digit themselves, based upon what they have experienced during their life . As a Digit-maker I can only get the ball rolling, so to speak. But I have so many clues that I doubt I'lll be able to use them all up before I pass. And if I do what would I do next? Like Kundalini power, once one feels the force where does one go?

Indeed I may name my remodel 'Pallais de Regina'; my mother, Regina Eisner, taught me to use her darkroom and cook and use garlic and a bunch of things.

Nicholas McCumber's AutoGallery 2011 exhibit

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