Predrag Kalajdzijevic

"I was born in Belgrade in 1956, and my beginnings were connected to the end of the 70s, when I had been intensively engaged in artistic photography. I am a database and system administrator, in the Federal Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia. CG is my passion. My first presentation happened in 1995, in the studio for filming spots Astakos in Belgrade, where animation of alchemical symbols has been shown, which I modeled in 3D Studio. The largest presentation was organized in the Hall II of the Belgrade Fair, with the four computer projectors, and the images were 7x5m. I participated at the Digital Art Show in Liverpool (2007 and 2008). I sent my CG to the Digital Art for Peace in Spain, Jaen (2008), and the works were printed. I continually display my works at the Mansco Gallery where I was twice awarded."

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