Yuri Kabisher

I was born in Vitebsk in 1976 in the family of an artist Igor Kabisher. Since my early childhood I was raised in a very creative atmosphere and surrounded by visual art. In 1987 I entered the art school of the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. In 1993 I immigrated to Israel and in 2003 I graduated from the Tel-Aviv University as a set designer with an MFA degree. At the moment I work as a stage designer, an illustrator and a fine artist.

Since 1995, I am practicing a variety of experimental techniques having to do with human consciousness. Through the series of researches about the inaccessible zones of human consciousness that took place during lucid dreaming, my own consciousness has changed. The center of my consciousness has shifted towards the area of direct nonverbal perceiving of various aspects of the universe and "other worlds". I share this experience with people through my art and I believe that art as such is a wonderful tool that enables us to dive into the deep layers of consciousness.

The purpose of my art is to gain the ability to combine this multi-layered perception with the daily life within contemporary human society without changing the settled lifestyle artificially. I believe that contemporary society has to go through a major change, however it can only happen as a result of comprehending the detailed structure of our "mind-machines". My ultimate goal is to help people who come across my art to expand the boundaries of their consciousness.

Yuri Kabisher's AutoGallery exhibit