Art was not part of his upbringing, but at high school Jovadre developed a talent for working with colors and shapes. He had a great love for surrealistic landscapes and was inspired by works of Dali and Miro.

From unloading trucks, being a newspaper boy, working in Construction and as an interim-manager with large firms to ?art: a long and winding road to find out what he really wanted to do and be in life.

From digital photography and making adaptations from photos he developed into a digital artist. An autodidact, again. His latest work is mostly abstract with some small figurative details.

The empty PC screen is his canvas. Working intuitively, sometimes adding photographic elements, his creations develop on the screen. After experimenting a lot he now also works with paper, canvas, soft stone and styropor.

Numerous expositions have brought him some fame. His work can be bought through art galleries and his digitally composed work will be shown this autumn at the Affordable Art Fair in Amsterdam.

These works are fully composed in Photoshop.

Jovadre's art on the Web

Jovadre's AutoGallery exhibit